Pursonic Deluxe Sonic Toothbrush

$49.99 for a deluxe sonic toothbrush with 12 heads.

Pursonic Deluxe Sonic Toothbrush
Added October 15, 2013 by Pursonic

The S450 Deluxe Plus rechargeable sonic toothbrush feaurest a built -in UV Sanitizer designed to kill 99.9% of bactrium and germs on the brush heads. The toothbrushs' sonic wave technology provides 30,000 sonic strokes per minute to effectively remove plaque without irritating your gums. It's ideal for those hard-to-reach areas and removes even the toughest stains to leave your teeth naturally whiter! The system includes 12 Bonus Brush heads-that's 3 years worth of brush heads based on dental professional recommendations to replace your brush head every 90 days.


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