Become a Master Sushi Chef!

Get a 2 hour sushi lesson for half off.

Become a Master Sushi Chef!
Added February 17, 2014 by Wasa Sushi

Miyagi Sushi offers a fun, interactive class designed to teach you about sushi making and sake all for half off! Get a 2 hour sushi lesson with the help of one of our Master Sushi Chefs just for $15 per person. You'll learn to make a California Roll, Nigiri and Hand Roll. In addition, you'll learn how sake is made and which foods go best with a variety of sakes. You'll receive a sake and sushi lesson, complimentary cocktail, a sampling of our most popular sushi rolls as an appetizer, a sake flight featuring four different types of sake, and a commemorative photo. Hurry, time is running out! Reserve your lesson today and become a master sushi chef!


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